Welding Simulator

The RV SOLD Simulator is aimed to train all those students with no experience at all in such field. With this simulator, the student will be able to face a real welding process, for the first time, enabling them to reach a high level of theorical and practical knowledge, manual skills and basic automatisms.

By using these simulator:

  • The student will have more hours of practice in effective welding.
  • The initial learning will be faster.
  • The common accidents for the initial learning will be avoided
  • The learning cost will be lower.

Thanks to the high educational level of this simulator, many hours of teaching can be performed: from 50 to 80 hours depending on the course.


Central Unit

It simulates a real welding equipment. It includes a keypad that lets the student move through the menus of the simulator, select exercises, playing recordings, etc.

Inside, the processor, the analog and digital capture and signaling cards can be found, other electronic devices as well.

Visual System

The image that the user / student will see is generated by 3D glasses, instaled in the inside of a real welding mask. This allows the user to have a 360º breadht of vision, limitless.

It additionally includes an auxiliary screen in which the same image that the user is seeing thanks to the 3D glasses will be reproduced. This way, not only the instructor but also the other students will be informed about the user´s performance.

Welding Control

A real welding control is used for the simulated welding process.

Motion Sensors

This simulator has two motion sensors, working in a coordinated way. The first of them is in the welding control, the other one in the 3D glasses stand. Thanks to the position of these two sensors the generated image is completely personalized.


Welding process:

A great level of realism will be found in both welding systems, thanks to its software:

The simulator allows the instructor to control the mistakes the student can make, in real time:

  1. electrode angle,
  2. welding speed,
  3. distance from the piece.

Recording of the exercises:

Every exercise will be automatically recorded, either in a USB “student” memory or in the principal unit (??¿)

Educational content:

Every exercise has been designed with the cooperation and supervision of internacional welding engineers, with a high level of experience in the field.

Two theorical and practical manuals are provided with the simulator (two manuals for electrods and two for MIG MAG).

Exercises are divided depending on the welding process: MIG MAG or electrods.

Both for electrod and for MIG MAG welding, the exercises will be divided into three different blocks

In total, the simulator provides more than 80 exercises.