Tower Crane

Tower Crane Simulator

This simulator becomes an important educational tool to complement the training with a real crane.

Thanks to this simulator, the students can perfectly understand how the machine works, getting to be skilled enough to use the controls in a fast and secure way, without making mistakes.

They also learn about security aspects, such as improper or dangerous maneuvers, that would never be possible to practice in the real life.

This simulator has been approved by several public institutions to substitute up to 40% of the hours of practice needed with a real crane.

Nowadays, it is being used by more than 80% of the students who want to get the Spanish Crane Operator official certificate.


The simulator provides the controls that are used in real cranes; that´s why they have the same functions and sensibility that in real life.

– Central Unit
– FULL HD Projector
– Real crane controls.
– Radio Receiver

The central unit has two handles to make it easier to be carried.

Its main features are:

– No permanent installation is required.
– A single connection to electricity is required.
– Weight: 30 kg. Aprox.
– Dimensions: 70 cm wide x 62 high and 27 depth.


– The user will be able to turn the image, depending on the image orientation. Image size up to 2×2 (depending on the distance between the proyector and the wall)
– 2 real crane controls: a 12 buttoms control, a lever control and a joystick control. These controls work thanks to radio wave transmission (no wired connexion is required). The signal receiver is installed inside the casing of the simulator.
– dynamic model: The simulator reproduces the movements of the crane, with different speeds. It also shows how the machine must work with the load.
– several kinds of loads.
– several view points depending on the exercise.
-Sound system: engine sounds depending on the speed, on the movement of the machine, loading and unloading sounds, when hitting the ground…
– Several scenarios.

Educational Content

This simulator has been specially created for crane operators, with or without experience in such field.

It provides a wide range of exercises, whose basic features are:

– How to work with the controls I
– How to work with the controls II
– how to start / stop the crane.
– elevation movement.
– distribution movement I
– elevation and distribution movement I
– orientation movement I
– orientation movement II
– distribution movement with turning I
– exercise with all the movements.
– exercises from the official exam: I, II, III, IV.

It also provides a program to evaluate the students: mistakes made, individual and group statistics, individual educational program.

Other Settings

– Full HD 50” screen.