Skills Training

With this Simulator the student will be able to learn in a faster and cheaper way, to avoid all the risks and dangers in the first training phase.

This software allows the user to work with 3D models and to choose  several generic configurations. Thanks to this simulator, every object that can be separated into different parts or elements can be seen and studied: engines, industrial installations, etc.

After the simulator training, the student will be able to know from the very first moment useful information about the real installation:  its composition, the name of the different parts, how to assemble or disassemble these parts and what tool is required for each part, how to repair the breakdown…


The user will be able to practice with 3D models in real-time, meaning:

The models used are loaded from the hard disk, which means that they are independent from the program, so that new models can be added without any limit. All those user technically skilled enough can create their own new models to incorporate them to the system.

Auxiliary Tools

Thanks to the versatility and flexibility of the software, the user can design the movements of the new installation models, create new exercises, create new objects or tools, etc.