Simulation Mobile Classroom

The Mobile simulator helps future drivers with its special distance learning.

The product fulfils the requirements of assessment, training and development of the future drivers. It is adapted to the functioning condition of each road transportation companies.

The simulators can be placed in the classroom with full functionality.

The classroom is accommodated in a 40’ (12m) container, although the simulator can be installed in a smaller one with dimension of 20’ (6m).

Some of the principal characteristic of the Mobile Classroom in its construction make the lessons comfortable, flexible, and realistic.

– Floating wooden floor

– Drywall panels and dropped ceiling

Electric installation composed by  different connexion point to the lighting circuit,  include HDMI connectors, Ethernet and an external network connexion

– Air conditioning system

– Internal crystal door

– Fixed simulator installation inside the classroom

– One side  of the classroom is adapted for lessons

– Optional:   Virtual Whiteboard installation, providing real time monitoring for the simulation training

– Optional: customized interior and exterior paint

Pictures and video at the top of the page corresponds to the ENTAC interior installations simulators