Military Driving Simulators for Training RG31 (Nyala) and LMV (Lince)

The maximum Level of immersion was acquired, the different systems was developed to cooperate each other in a precise and narrow manner and to be up to the mark to a simulator with these characteristics according to navigator’s requirements who manage this extremely complex machines.


  • Interchangeable driving cabins, that faithfully recreate the inside of different vehicles represented, with all original components. A same cabin may include different driving positions: through a floor extraction system several driving position can be exchanged immediately. The purpose of the system is the increase of benefits due the fact that the machine can simulate various vehicles.  This system increases significantly the profitability of the system since it allows the use of several different simulators.
  • The cabin is totally close, its size represent the real vehicle size, with two entrances (Driver- pilot and co-pilot –passenger)
  • Cabin air-conditioning
  • Advanced motion system with 6DOF which is suitable to reach 1 G force and reproduce accelerations, longitudinal, lateral and angular movements in all type of situation: such as loss of traction, collision, slopes potholes, steps, punctures, skidding, beaten hitting with stones or other obstacles.
  • In the own developed steering system you can appreciate every single irregularity in the road surface as well as the force transmitted by the wheels under different conditions such as asphalt, sand, water, mud, dirt, snow or ice.
  • Visual system which includes 180 º of Vision with a graphics engine capable of faithfully representing the environment also boasts high refresh rate of image and stability that reduces fatigue the driver and does not produce dizziness.
  • Dolby surround Sound system with 5 satellites and independent subwoofer with which is possible the fast detection of the vehicles path shells, IED’s and mines without having to view them
  • Cooperative system between simulators allows different drivers to carry out mutual missions, communicating with each other and seeing each other in real time. In addition each Instructor can join mission controlling the environment or the military convoy vehicles.

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Through a floor extraction system, several driving position can be exchanged immediately. This type of extraction increases significantly the profitability of the system.

High immersion Simulator has been developed initially for two military vehicles “NYALA” RG31 and LMV “Lince”, but the system is valid for any type of vehicle or equipment, such as trucks, buses, machinery for mining or similar.


Educational Aspects

SIMFOR can develop and supply high end driving simulators prior to the launch of an operational vehicle resulting in improved and safer designs and well-trained personnel (e.g. the KMW BOXER 8 x 8 driving simulator for the German Bundeswehr).