Car Driving

Car driving simulator

Due to the fact that they are based on the advanced software of heavy vehicles, these simulators have very similar characteristics, with very low costs.

Several configurations




Created to reproduce the real position on a generic vehicle. All the necessary information and controls to drive the vehicle are provided:

– Adjustable seat.
– Security belt
– Full Instruments Panel
– Motorized Weel
– Accelerator, Brake and Clutch pedal.
– Automatic and Manual gearshift
– Ignition Key
– Lights switch
– Emergency switch
– Indicator lights level
– Windscreen wipers level
– Retarding level
– Parking brake
– Horn


Visual System

The visual system has three 24” screens, getting to have a breadth of vision higher than 120º

Other models of screens and projectors can be installed, if wanted.



Free driving

In any scenario wanted. The software allows the user to know all the mistakes made in real time, while doing the exercises, both regarding the driving and the basic signaling:

Several scenarios

– Maneuver circuit, nº1
– Maneuver circuit, nº2
– Urban / long – distance Maneuver circuit.
– Ordinary roads.
– Highway
-4×4 scenarios.

Weather Conditions

  • Clear / Sunny
  • Rain
  • Fog
  • Snow

Lighting conditions

  • Day
  • Night

Surface conditions

  • Dry
  • Wet
  • Frozen

How to use it

A) Pre-programmed exercises

The user will be able to select a wide range of exercises from simulator menu.

– basic knowledge about the controls
– how to start the vehicle.
– Gear changing
– Emergency brake without ABS
– Emergency brake with ABS
– Emergency brake with dodging
– overtaking maneuver
– changing directions
– economic driving

Real time feedback

The software allows the user to know all the mistakes made in real time, while doing the exercises, by audible and display messages, so that the user can be aware that he/she is not driving adequately. All mistakes will be saved in the user´s file. The software will generate statistics and comparative graphics, for each group and for each user.

Recording of the exercises

Appart from the accounting of the mistakes, the whole exercise will be recorded in video, ready to be reproduced in any time. The user will be able to watch his/her own driving performance, as the mistake warning will also be reproduced in real time in such recording.

Field of View

180 º field of view. Automatic movement of the image on the three screens depending on the position of the driver’s head.

More than 10 different view points. Double rear-view mirrors, adjustable and superimposed on the image.

Network driving

The software allows the instructor to control several cabins driving at the same time.

Instructor Position

The simulator has an Instructor position (IP) from which all functions can be controlled, both in the educational and in the functional level.

From the IP one or several cabins can be controled, in a simultaneous way of simulation.

The software will allow you to:

i. select the scenario
ii. select the vehicle
iii. select the manual / automatic transmision
iv. select the weather conditions: rain, fog, snow (different intensities)
v. select the adhesion to the pavement: dry, wet, frozen pavement.
vi. Activate / deactivate breakdowns
vii. Control the traffic density.
viii. Drive any other traffic vehicle to interact with the students vehicle.
ix. Control the level and kind of load on the vehicle.
x. Modify the control panel parametres.
xi. Turn on/off ABS
xii. Recording and video playback
xiii. Set and issue a report from the student

Generate statistics and comparative graphics, for each group and for each user.

For more information about different cabin and funcionality configurations.