Backhoe Simulator

This simulator allows the student to get a high level of knowledge about the machine simulated, both regarding the controls and the excavation and earthmoving process.

This way, the student will be able to be skilled enough to work efficiently and safely in real life, getting to know the risks and dangers.

It is considered that 40% of the hours of practice needed with a real machine can be substituted by the simulator practice.

Simulator Cabin

The standard version of the simulator is installed on the Simfor Multifunctional Simulated Cabin.

Created to reproduce the real position on a real crane. All the necessary information and controls are provided:

Principal controls

– 2 generic joystick levers with six incorporated buttoms to control the implements.
– 3 joystick levers to control the auxiliar elements such as the stabilizers.
– accelerator and brake pedals.
– in-dash TFT screens.
– manual accelerator.
– stabilizers switch.

Visual System

One 42” FULL HD screen. The simulators also includes a movement system so that the image will be different depending on the head position(Head Tracking).


This simulator plays in a very realistic way the performance of the machine when moving, excavating, etc (movements of the implements and performance with regard to the ground, load, weight, hardness…)

It also includes the ground deformation when digging. Since these are physics excavations, the machine or the object can fall into the hole dug.

There are no scenario restriction for the simulator, which means the user can have almost ilimited different exercises to do.

View Points

The user will be able to move without any restriction the view points, this way, he/she will be able to come closer to see the implement, once in the work point. The simulator reproduces both the inside view from the cabin and the view of the machine from the outside.

The simulator software allows the user to move the image according to the head movements, so that he/she can move the head from side to side, come closer…

The three mirrors view are integrated into the cabbin.

Educational Content

This simulator has a wide range of exercises to choose from the Menu. The different exercises are divided into blocks:

While doing the exercises, the simulator shows the mistakes commited, not only those that are specific from the exercise but also the general mistakes made. At the end of every exercise, the results are shown.

Other Settings

– Seat Movement system or motion platform (from 2 to 6 degrees of freedom) instalation.

– System to move the image according to the head movement installed.

– Different size screens cand be installed. Different kinds of cabbins can be installed (click here to check).