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  • Military Driving Simulators for Training RG31 (Nyala) and LMV (Lince)

    The maximum Level of immersion was acquired, the different systems was developed to cooperate each other in a precise and narrow manner and to be up to the mark to a simulator with these characteristics according to navigator’s requirements who manage this extremely complex machines.…

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  • Heavy vehicles

    Driving simulators for heavy vehicles SIMFOR provides several configurations for our simulators depending on the characteristics of the heavy vehicle chosen, so that they can be easily adapted to the needs of every user. The different hardware combinations (cabin, visual system, motion system, etc.) and…

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  • Car Driving

    Car driving simulator Due to the fact that they are based on the advanced software of heavy vehicles, these simulators have very similar characteristics, with very low costs. Several configurations Different kinds of driving cabins With or without the instructor position Independent or network simulation…

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